Ago meme

Ratdecompositionnc sec. ago PM Day a intact rat body dead for approximately 12 hours cause of death poison moved body in to container filled with water will continue notes on the decomposition progress Day 2 no major changes will return tomorrow Day 3 no major changes no gaseous build up exposed skin has begun to lose color the nose and toes are a white color along with areas across the tail and inner ear but for the most part the skin is still pink body is most intact on the out side water is also slightly discolored Day 4 no significant changes in color but the body has begun to balloon no major pressure build up Day 5 continued discoloration has spread to the belly of the rat aside from that no visible changes Day 6 further discoloration small pieces of fur and skin are now flacking off
USuicideWaten  Posted Dy U hour ago I'm overdosing again 226 Goodbye retards s2comments Give Award Share Save  Hide M Report points 6 hours ago Please do not. Also do not use the r word Reply Give Award Share Report Save 21 points  3 hours ago does it effect you Reply Give Award Share Report Save 25 points 3 hours ago it doesn't matter who it offends, it's a slur. you can reclaim it and use it but you shouldn't call people the slur unless they're okay with it, in this case it's to an audience of unknown people. it's not okay. Reply Give Award Share Report Save meme
Ing A person is smart. le are dumb, panicky, Aeingerovssanimals and you know it. Fifteen. id ago everybody knew the Earth the center of the universe. Five years ago, everybody knew Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes knew that humang were alone on this planet. ine what you'll know meme