Agricultural machines

Anonymous ID No.2672895  make rigged casino make it so slot machines have a 0% chance of paying out make it a progressive jackpot worth millions upon billions of dollars 83 KB PNG nobody wins for many years finally after all this time someone finds a bug in the system and the dreaded jackpot finally hits comes time to pay out but dont have nearly enough to do so, this scenario was never planned for, has to pay by law forced to sell the casino and everything in it YOU PLAYED THE SLOT MACHINE WRONG YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LOSE meme
No Class SAT andthe Cook Levin Theorem SAT and the Cook Levin Survey of otherNP complete problems Godel's Incompleteness Theorems Godel's Incompleteness Theorems Primitive recursive functions General recursion and Godel Machines Review for final Review for final 30 Review for final 3 Review for final DeadDay Final Exam TBD Guys, I have to say goodbye before pass on  Guys, I have to say goodbye before I pass on 5 5 memes