Alchemical memes

GIRLFRIEND Babe, I'm going out tonight with my girls, do not wait up for me, try not to miss me, love you ME Aw come on babe, how you gonna do this to me Wtf am supposed to do now with out you Im'a be so bored here all lonely. Guess I'll just go to sleep. ALSO ME 2 MINS AFTER SHE LEAVES memes
Red says July 21, 2006 at pm won't be able to watch it. I'll keep expecting him to have sex with Batman. YUCK  The whole movie deppends on this casting. They'd better do it well. And Heath Ledger has the charisma of a lettuce leaf. Posted by Peter I July 21, 2006 PM 10FootJackGilardi on 07 21 2006 PM Yeah great, Jokeback Mountain. 08 03 2006, AM Reply Flag Spam Cyborg Commando Ore wore Gay Liz I Wed PM dave Blewer Robert Ferrero I'm sorry, Heath let's reminisce on the days of Knight's Tale ind Ten Ten Things Thing Hate About ut Yo You. Drkin Casen I'm sorry, Heath let's reminisce on the days of A Knight's Tale and Ten Things Hate About Yo Heath The Joker Bad casting, Bad joke. mojocat Heath Ledger to play the Joker in the next Batman movie probably the worst casting of all time As reported