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Duel on shore Dueling was overseen by the Quartermaster and strictly controlled. Dueling without permission would lead to marooning or being tossed overboard of all concerned. The problem with dueling is it could lead to divisions among the crew. For this reason duels were not typically acceptable onboard ship neither the captain or the quartermaster needed a mutiny over silly arguments. For this reason, most duels were settled at the end of a voyage or on land. When a duel was sanctioned the duel was usually settled on land. Typically the weapon of choice would be a knife or other bladed weapon. The duels were most often to death . Even when the duel did not lead to the death of the loser, the loser could still wind up being marooned along with other pirates who were expected to seek reve

RH The Hill HarrisX poll's first presidential job approval rating for Joe Biden comes in at 63 percent support among registered voters. Only 37 percent of respondents in the Jan. 21 22 sur vey said they disapprove of Biden's job in the White House. YOU APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE OF DOING THE PRESIOENT OE BIDEN IS Ninety four percent of Democratic voters approve of Bider's job as president, along with 62 percent of independents. Seventy percent of Republican voters, however, dis That seems high  That seems high meme

Have to be a dreamer because being realistic and wallowing in self pity are one in the same. Rock bottom is a shitty place. can barely stay afloat by myself on ten acres, staying fit and training and eating healthy are the only things I can practice among the myriad of things I preach. I'd need ten times the land to found a colony, but do not have it. do not have the armaments or the cash to support and train whoever showed up on my doorstep looking for a second chance. take every opportunity to make things better and it never works. I've been fighting to make anything better for so long that I do not know any other way to live. ma dreamer because the only realistic option is to lay down and die, it's been the only option for years  don't know any other way to live. I'm a dreamer because t

THE MILITARY OCCUPATION OF WASHINGTON, DC IS REPORTEDLY EXTENDED UNTIL AT LEAST MARCH Some 5,000 National Guard troops will reportedly remain deployed in the American federal Capitol Washington, District of Columbia, at least until mid March. Now discontent is brewing among the soldiery, who belong to various National Guards the armies of individual American states . According to a widely reported anonymous report on Sunday, first found at American news website Politico, a contingency force of 7,000 National Guard troops will stay in Washington until February, after which 5,000 will stay put at least until the middle of March. The troops were requested by the Federal Congress, and then deployed by their Governors to occupy the Federal Capitol and many capitols of American states in order t

Featured LU WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR TESTOSTERONE 1. Lift heavy things 2.Get more sunshine 3.Consume healthy  fats 4. Eat less sugar 5.Eat more eggs 6. Quality sleep 7.Reduce alcohol consumption 8. Avoid overtraining 9.Consume more Om If youre so insecure about your testosterone levels that you need posts like this, dont bother  If youre so insecure about your testosterone levels that you need posts like this, dont bother memes

Curt Libertarian  checkmatestate. There is a myth among libertarians that government never becomes less authoritarian. Biden's proposed immigration bill disproves that. Millions will be living without fear of government goons hauling them away for the crime of moving without permission from a bureaucrat memes

The Ledger Gov. DeSantis office Publix PAC money not linked to launch of COVID 19 vaccine program 2 weeks ago Orlando Sentinel Brevard among new counties tapped for Publix COVID 19 vaccinations SENIORS FIRST 6 days ago Miami New Times Publix Gave $100,000 to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis 2 weeks ago DeSantis and Publix can both burn  DeSantis and Publix can both burn memes

Anonymous 27 48 No 804439604 Why are all your greentexts about depressing shit or bad life events Let's spruce this up  be me, 11 93 KB JPG be infamous among my friends and family for my horrendous farts parents start grounding me for farting around them, even if non maliciously at Walmart, feel urge to fart sprint 10 feet behind us, do not look, bend over and let a behemoth loose 20 second ass blaster run back to family brother dying of laughter, ask what's up  You just fucking farted in that old woman's face, Anon  turn around and look at frail old woman trying to back out of the line with her electric scooter, people behind her won't move so she's stuck in the stench meme