Rev. Poppy Haze poppy haze cool, you can just build a normal house too, those can be fitted with solar panels. even better, you can build several houses together as an apartment for even more savings and have a central location to disburse social services to The city of Ulm, Germany has created these pods for homeless people to sleep in during the winter months. Made of steel and wood, the pods are insulted and waterproof, and recently underwent upgrades so that they have solar panels and communication services in them. Bravo On 422 memes
Did I ever tell you guys about how when I moved into my first apartment my dad's move in present for me was this bomb tee ball bat that's fuckin legit as hell and bright pink and hello kitty themed he gave it to me and said this is just so that if anyone ever tries to mess with you after you've kicked their ass you can stand over them and knock their lights out and the last thing they'll see is the cute and unforgiving face of hello kitty a parenting folks memes