What's that Oh. I fucking love spaghettt Today Hey number gr oor We have the same phone number, except one number off Yeah so do you like spaghetti Dude thal s awesome My other number neighbor hates spaghetti. Well has he ever had it with garlic bread I'll ask No he never has Tell him to try it with garlic bread Ok orb He said he doesn't like garlic Doesn't like garlic What is he vampire dunno brb He says he isn't a vampire That's exactly what a vampire would say memes

Should I continue watching aot mon si ep 4 momfucker Should I continue watching aot  momfucker Si is mediocre but each season is better than the last Ratsmasner ih awesome *dry humps you* momfucker Starts good but a little slow and only gets better the farther in you get yourguyjo thanks *dry humps you* momfucker Yup cabo okay *dry humps you* momfucker Yes NoirNick Sweet *dry humps you* momfucker meme

Im really unhappy with second season so far. I feel like i barely understand what the hell is going on at all times. And most everything has fallen flat. Ill say what i like first Subaru's past, Subaru and Emilias recent argument, Otto, and Roswall. All of that has been really awesome. Notice how its all established shit being compounded upon What i think has been lame is EVERYTHING else They keep introducing character after character and trying to get me to care but in just like wha  Bruh the witches  That was so much at once and not a lick of it made sense. I constantly feel like ive missed an episode or something with this show. Ide about Garf, the Greed witch was so hype and then just blah, idc about any of these new pieces of shit. Why couldnt they flesh out what we already got Idk ma