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SCP 4975 An engraving by I dating back to 1863. Believed to be a depiction of SCP 4975. Item SCP 4975 Object Class Euclid Special Containment Procedures SCP 4975 is to be contained in a standard steel containment cell. Human contact with SCP 4975 is prohibited In case of a containment breach, any Foundation personnel persistently hearing a rhythmic cracking noise are to isolate themselves from other people and patiently wait until SCP 4975 is put back in its containment chamber, or the cracking stops. Description SCP 4975 is a vaguely humanoid entity with various avian attributes, the most notable of which is its beak. Its body structure is long and thin overall, and its limbs taper off into formless extremities, lacking distinct digits. A thick, hardened skin layer covers the entirety of
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