ON N QQ 727 AMAI MASK PROFILE He's so handsome it's sinful. Wherever he goes, The strong, rellable there are always the shriek and beautiful young of his fans or the anguished man is the face of screams of dying monsters the Hero Association. He used to wear a mask while performing his heroic activities, but after an incident, he revealed his true face. Since then, he has not only been a hero and an idol, he is also very active as a special adviser to the association on public relations. The 1 most popular hero in the world As ruthless a punisher of evil as he is beautifull Everyone's attention glued to him, his name is Sweet Mask. Likes Weight Undisclosed Age 24 years Likes Fans, Work, Obviously Justice, Skin Lotion. Disiikes Irresponsible Heroes, Obstinate Interviews, Evil He is a member