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Sydney Watson SydneyLWetson Kamala Harris is not where she is because of merit. She's there because she's a woman and not white. So when you celebrate the first female Vice President , just remember her position is not an accomplishment. It's a giant virtue signal. PM Jan 20, 2021  Twitter for Android memes
Blub I know this isn't really the place to be putting this because Funny doesn't have a great track record but there is a guy on twitch named pic klez and he is planning on streaming his s**cide at Zpm EST. He is live rn just bawling bro. Sounds like a young man, barely even 20 maybe. World is such a fucked up place, and it sounds like this dude is just really done with it. We gotta do something. Talk him out of it. Repub to help please. I Saw this post. I called the cops and directed them to his twitch account and his general location, they directed me to multiple departments. They said they would get help to him. He just went back on stream and said the police got the wind of my message and is now going to his house. Hes getting help now. Im glad i did what i could in time memes
TOP DEFINITION Wallowing whoopies most likely a large female raggie walking down the sidewalk and you notice that their tits are so big they hang below the belly button. And the first word that comes into your mind is wallowing whoopies. Because it is so disgusting and that's the sound you'll be making when your pulled over in your car vommiting on the side of your road. look at that chicks wallowing whoopies think I'm gonna be sick waaaaaalllloooowwwing. Whoooooooooopiessss  Gross dude by Srt4brother June 11, 2013 memes
And File FB IMG 1596430426656.jpg 6 KB, 241x242 O Anonymous 34 08 No 845629422 Reply Brain failure thread Be me in 2006 Be 16 Mum has 40th birthday party It's 80's movie theme fancy dress Go as Rambo because fuck yeah First Blood Have to help with the party cause reasons Mum lets me drink cause of helping out letsgetwasted.jpg Several hours later Having a blast Mum calls me over Introduces me to one of her friends from work She has qt 3.14 daughter She's dressed up as that chick from Flashdance Diamonds Mum's friend introduces me to her FYI I'm pretty plastered by this point but managing to hold it together well Anon, this is my daughter Anonette. Maybe you could look after her and keep her company tonight I look at the daughter dead in the eyes To be honest, I can not even look after myse