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HERE IS THE PLAN GUYS LISTEN EVERYBODY There's a lot of people on here who have no idea what the hell they are talking about. DO NOT SELL. You will regret it later. The apps are crashing because hundreds of thousands of people are trying to buy. Robinhood isn't allowing instant transfers because they can not afford to loan everybody money while the bank processes your deposit. This common practice. It's always been like this for years. Anybody who tells you different is dumb money and has no idea what they're saying. You can buy doge once your money clears. THE PRICE IS GOING TO SKY ROCKET. SCREW THE MOON We are the pioneers. WE 400,000 who are in this thread DECIDE THE PRICE. We have a chance for generational wealth. Do not be stupid. THIS IS FOR THE HOLDERS I have a plan. Hear me out. If
SCIENTISTS GET A LITTLE TOO HONEST This dye was was selected because the bottle was within reach overlyhonestmethods We didn't read half of the papers we cite because they are behind a paywall overlyhonestmethods Reagent became unavailable in 2002 because nobody wanted to order more and risk being added fo.terrorists watchlists. overlyhonestmefhods Sample size was smaller than planned because I had been in grad school for 10 yrs and my advisor wanted me to graduate. methods PCR reaction repeated for 25 cycles because that's how long it takes to go teach class. Fovertyhonestmethods We do not know how the results were obtained. The postdoc who did all the work has since left to start a bakery. overlyhonestmethods I SL, The samples at ambient temperature in a remote border customs office for