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Who Is Behind the Rise in Transgenderism News Number of children being referred to gender identity clinics has quadrupled in five years con 4,000% Explosion in Kids Identifying as Transgender, Docs Perform Double Mastectomies on Healthy Teen Girls GENDER, Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish sexologist in elmer Germany, is considered the pioneer of transgenderism. He created the institute of Sexual Research, where he performed the first ever sex change surgery Since then, transgenderism has exploded in popularity in the 21 century. Here's who is leading the push TSER  ili Weiss, Michael Director Eliza Byard Jilian Weiss, Michael EQUALITY Found Erlick Founder Dean Spade meme
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Why does everyone have a problem with other people being happy and living their lives how they want to OODolphin 17 dec comment was reported as highly inappropriate Sorry about the blazing hot takes guys apparently it's too much  Sorry about the blazing hot takes guys apparently it's too much memes
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TOP DEFINITION vf insensitive expressing your opinions on a subject to another person without taking their feelings and circumstances into account. if your being insensitive then you seem to put your opinion across without thinking about the other persons feelings on the matter. by numptie August 03, 2006 meme
I hate being a schizoid . Like just wanna own a damn gun for protection. But noooo. Fuck yall, i want all guns banned now. Doesnt make a difference as to whether theyre banned or not. Hope yall lose your gun rights someday. I fucking hate you all memes
Peter, the name of the Holy Apostle and many a great Tsar. A truly chad name. AND YET SOME PEOPLE INSIST ON BEING CALLER FRICKIN PETE. Like how much of a loser do you have to be to one to be called Pete il of Ephesus Paulex Jones When and why wt  When and why wtf meme