Believes meme

Add a comment 1.7k OO 349 Share Award I understand that, it's just ironic that this thread is up in arms about a lie told by Biden, which many would argue is disingenuous outrage. I do not think anyone believes Biden was saying he had a magic switch to flip and make it all go away  and 4 years of being lied to on daily basis by Trump on everything from the size of his inauguration crowds at the beginning, to having a plan to overturn the election results at the end. He lied even when no one asked, he lied when it didn't matter, the truth literally seemed to mean nothing to him. ericrolph Sh atwoods11 TN Conservative You're a democrat. The H in democrat stands for honesty Phriend Or Phaux What a well put, articulate response you've bestowed upon us in counter argument. I will now go reflect