Biden meme

Have val noticed how effortlessly the right switched from talking about how Biden and the Dems are going to magically fix covid because it's fake and now they're saying that the fact that they can not solve it immediately also proves it's fake There never was a goalpost, only shifting memes
Biden, by the end of his ninth day at the White House, had signed 40 executive orders, actions, and presidential memorandum a record. Biden has taken heat from critics over his early reliance on executive action, with Republicans saying it betrays his vow to work with Congress on to build a consensus on issues. Executive orders  25 Executive orders and actions  40 As recently as October, now President Biden said you can not legislate by executive action unless you're a dictator  Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Thursday. In one week, he's signed more than 30 unilateral actions. And working Americans are getting short shrift. memes
From delivere  Austin American Statesman Subscribe Sign In UP NEXT China didn't help Biden win That number is an estimate, and the claim lacks context about the longevity of Keystone jobs. TC Energy said more than 1,000 people are out of work because of Biden's executive order. In October, the company said it expected to employ more than 11,000 Americans in 2021 and generate more than $1.6 in gross wages. But both TC Energy and the State Department have said the majority of those jobs would be temporary. A 2014 report found that the company would need only 50 employees to maintain the Keystone XL pipeline once it's finished, 35 of them permanent memes