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My nephew Li Yu Chen in past are nice chinese mans work hard 18 hour a day now he are transsexual fruitcake speak cantonese believe taipei are country lam weep 4,717 Cu im sorry family the allure and the decadence of a capitalist life was too big temptation memes

The virgin kong roar is just a bunch of random animal noises. confined to an island famous for kidnapping women, and falling off a building a big dumb gorilla has no friends original movie has no real message bigger so he could stand a chance against the chad in 1962 last of his species eternal virgin only well known enemies are T Rexes and biplanes not an honourary citizen of Japan his films were nothing but crappy reboots and sequels between 1933 and 2017 had to be rewritten into being only won in 62 because of temporary electricty powers THE CHAD GODZILLA honourary citizen of Japan iconic roar known across the world famous for destroying cities and beating up other kaiju can go anywhere near the sea chadly friendships with Mothra a gigantic monstrosity with and Rodan no real world equiv

The concept of good burger is two people fighting over there shmect, and one has yummy sauce, but the other is bigger, but people prefer shmeat sauce, so they want good burger shmeat sauce, and mondo Burger uses steroids, but people prefer natural shmeat sauce memes

Butter nutboy lilyloo Nov 5, 2020 future history books the 2020 election was shaken by one singular event. on november destiel became canon, and one long time supernatural fan was so overwhelmed by the news they chose to resign their job. that man was none other than viadmir putin 109 butter nutboy lilyloo Nov 5, 2020 putin was a well documented wincest shipper, maintaining an account with over 30 fics under the pseudonym comradewinchester. a source asserted that vladmir had been overhead saying, we popping the biggest bottles when trump gets reelected shortly before hearing the news memes

How big is godzilla in king of the monsters ALL NEWS IMAGES MAPS SHOF 119.8 m In Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019 , Godzilla's height was increased to 119.8 m 393 ft from the 2014 incarnation. They shrunk Godzilla to give Kong a chance  They shrunk Godzilla to give Kong a chance memes

SIMPY KONG CHADZILLA King of the Monsters Has to use tools because so weak Has thumbs but doesn't need tools Small cult following Bitches line up to be with him Can swim Lives in the ocean Has to kidnap women No powers Took a nuke to the face and was fine Mostly fights dinosaurs, Friends with other monsters Lives ina cave Shoots badass lasers se a dinosaur which is badass Literally just a big monkey Fights other monsters mainly Killed by a bi plane No friends Fights cther Literally to strong to die World recognizes his power Massive simp Can't swim, limited to land Manlet by monster standards Entire military made to fight him memes

Virgin spaces programmers makes code look like a polka dot forest oh but I want to save space for the file small fingers twiddle buttons over and over again clickity clackity clack clack cloak messes up on 1 space and spends whole day looking for typo chad tabs programmers makes code look clean, TIGHT, and elegant oh i'm sorry that i'm making code too fast big strong finger presses once click has all the time in the world to date ppl because chads do not have typos memes

All  Worst Jokes Ever O} I Morbid jokes woman goes Madison into R. labor 2 years with a her A woman goes into labor with her child. The doctor says that they have invented a new device to transfer the pain of child birth to the father. He asks if it is ok to use the new device. The couple agrees and so he turns the pain to the father to 10%. The man feels nothing. They then bump it up to 20%. He still feels nothing. They keep doing this until they have the machine up to 100%. The man still felt nothing so they go home happy, until they find the milkman dead on the porch. i 1614 Comments 35 oof 2 years ago sad days Big 2 years ago III O memes