Blues memes

In heard in TODAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR YOU TO DIE Dirty Blues chupat hingy it CODEWORD DIRTBAG Thope you hrought your wallet  cause the rent in Hell gets paid in advance That's exactly it, private, War's over. We won Turns out you're the BIG h ind we're gonna hold parade in your honor, get to drive the float. And Simmons here IS IN CHARGE OF CONFETTI I ONLY DRINK THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES How bout a tasty lead sandwich with a side of Sarge Hold the life and the mayo. Were ot retreating. We're adeancing fatere wictorics Just act like you normally do. Wait, not like you, act like someone more Brave d smarter and more masculine for God's saket Dr. Sarge says take two barrels of this shotgun and call me when youre dead Ring, ring. Hello Is it you Yup, your dead memes