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Kaitlin Holloway e Active now Kaitlin Holloway Facebook You're not friends on Facebook 1 mutual friend Allie Denmon JUN 16, 2018, PM You can call me an unsymmetrical fat fuck all day long, but leave Allie alone. Stop messaging her. You're obviously the biggest fucking douche I've ever seen to tell someone it was their own fault someone tried to raggg them. DEC 17, 2019, 34 PM BAHAHANA jusl read and holy fuck thats funny Throw back to one of my favorite beast mode moments Throw back to one of my favorite beast mode moments memes

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. GME 62.04% AMC 57.11 Women Not As Interested in Riding GameStop Wave, Financial Advisers Say Last updated Jan 29,2021, PM By Veronica Dagher Financial advisers have been fielding calls from clients this week about the rally, but several said most of their female clients aren't nearly as interested in the recent GameStop stock action as their male counterparts. Robert Stromberg, a financial planner in Abington, Pa., said he hasn't heard a peep out of any of his female clients but has been fielding multiple calls from some of his male clients. Anecdotally, I've found my female clients to be much better about not getting caught up in risky financial behavior or wanting to jump on the latest hot investment, said Mr. Stromberg. Like if you are a woman and think this art

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I realise that alot of the kong and godzilla hate is a joke and this app is just filled with sad asses, but you guys realise kong and godzilla both can never die basically plot and franchise armor and are too respectively loved to have either lose to the other and will just beat another kaiju or man made mostrosity to death. Because they even say godzilla is unreasonably pissed at humans for some unknown reason Jee wonder what would canonicaly make GODzilla pissed at us when hese only been angered by our nuclear energy production or nuclear SUPER WEAPONS. So basicaly heres my theory. Due to years of kaiju movies we know mecha godzilla was made or remade with the bones of one of the zillas prob not the case in this movie since we dont know if hese died or not yet. but he is nuclear powered,

SP fan account thuletide modern libertarianism has been strategically engineered to politically neuter white people and re route them back into the spineless globalist cuckoldry that is epitomized by gimps like amash Justin Amash justinamash I'm committed to making the Libertarian Party a place for people of all backgrounds, with a diversity of views, commonly dedicated to fundamental American principles like individual liberty, the Rule of am Os memes

SCP Secure. Contain. Protect SCP 085 Hand drawn Cassy Object Class Safe The name *Cessandra written undemeath, However, she prefers tobe called Cassy SCP.085 is the result of an exper ment conducted between SCP 067 and SCP 914. tis a black and white animated young woman drawn in clean strokes on a paper Athough her inaudible, sho hes leamned to communicate vath SCP Foundation persone through sin langvage and wing S0P.085 is completely sentient Broopt for animals and people any draan object bocomes anmated when in contact wth SCP 085 can intoroct with any drawn I otject onthe seme page were real When entering has also demonstrat other pieces of art, SCP 085 takes on the her new environment. ed the ability to transfer from one shest or image to another, as longas the twoare flush, Supervised

Photo via CNNPolitics News 47 minutes ago Outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declares China's actions against Uyghur Muslims as genocide On his last full day in office on Tuesday, the US Secretary of State announced that the People's Republic of China is committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, China, targeting Uyghur Muslims and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups. Lawmakers, officials and diplomats weighed in on the significance of the decision. Normally I'm super anti but this is the right call. Pompeo still should be tried for war crimes tho Normally I'm super anti war interventionist but this is the right call. Pompeo still should be tried for war crimes tho memes