Made a mistake and wish you could take back that last play EA SPORTS Rewind is a new feature that lets you take a mulligan and try play over again. You can choose the number of EA SPORTS Rewinds 1, unlimited or tum the feature OFF via the Team Select screen. NOTE EA SPORTS Rewind is not available Online. BACKTRACK FA SPORTS Backtrack is a new replay learning tool right in game that breaks down plays and shows whet you should have done in certain circumstances. When a mistake is made, Cris Collinsworth breaks down where you yew EA REWIND went wrong and what you could have done better. new ACTIONCAM are always available under My Madde Always keep the action in view with the new default camera system known es the ActionCam. This system dynamically adjusts the camera to keep alll key players i

To prove they are the best secret service in the world, the CIA, the FBI and the KGB had to find a rabbit in a forest. CIA go first. After 24 hours, they get out of the forest and announce that they listened to every conversation in the forest, checked for strange lights in the sky, overthrew the King Stag, and that they can conclude that no rabbit has ever lived in this forest and that it was just a rumor. FBI then enter the forest, and after pestering local law enforcement come back 12 hours later with a dead rabbit. They announce that the rabbit had a weapon and threatened their agents, and got what was coming for him. KGB go last and enter the forest in numbers. 1 hour after, they come back with a bear in chains. They point him to the camera and the bear goes confess I am a rabbit meme

Version  HangarI Controls Aircraft. Helicopter Ground vehicles Naval Common Spectator Camera Navigation Movement Driver assistance mode Weaponry Hull aiming mode Camera control Turn engine Suspension control Weaponry Fire from the main calibre gun Fire from secondary guns Fire from machine guns Fire from special guns Reset weapon selection Select primary weapon Select secondary weapon Select machine gun Smoke grenades Smoke screening Change rate of fire Next shell type Lock on target Switch radar search Change radar mode Change radar search mode Change radar scope scale Select radar target tolockon Control Setup Wizard Close memes

Pelosi of August 27 Mr. Ted Wheeler 1221 SW Ave 340 Portland, OR 97204 Dear Mr. Wheeler have scen your response to the riots in your city and am urging you to stick to the proven Democratic Play book would like to review this with you now Deny there is a Problem, Press will support this 2 Refer to everything as peaceful and calm, Press will help here also 3 When all hell breaks loose, go on camera and show your support for anybody breaking the law, Press will praise you for this ist me. 4 When you can no le keep any order BLAME TRUMP you will be a new hero, tr 4 When you can no le cannot over emphasize 4, This has worked every time we have they wil THIS IS POLITICAL GOLD used it and again the Press ha they will support and fact check any claim we make 5 Go on Television and Condemn TRUMP a