Camp memes

Anonymous No.25000705  25003654 525015457  25015658 at summer camp we're at a private campground by a lake dusk boat pulls up by our dock was too far away but a guy got out of the boat and even from the distance I was 300 400 feet we looked strange one of the counselors walks up to him doesn't even get halfway to the end of the dock before turning around and running talks to other counselors we all get told to get into our vans immediately and go, do not even bother getting your stuff we pile in and take off stop off at the town store cops show up cops escort us back to camp ground wildlife rangers are there they're talking with the counselors get told we're to rearrange all our tents in a circle around the fire 2 ranger trucks are camped by our tents with armed rangers patroling the couns
Anonymous D No.2883233 spent yesterday at camp for children ages 8 to 11 who have cancer. When asked what they wish for next year they didn't say cure for cancer. They said end racism'. ered. nied png KB PNG Faith in humanity RESTORED Anonymous 0 No.2852 OP they will be dead and i will still be racist 22285325074 228532625 295926644 2285926917 2853 29205331560 29285331598 2285031783 8 2 pasasz77  mgesaalie s mzasmsol 2eBSU42542 28St4nse4 9295049059 285043070 2859 memes