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Ace nyctophyte any noun can become a verb if you do not care enough This point is invalid unless you use an example in your sentence ace nyctophyle CAN SENTENCE HOW I WANT THANK yupokaysuremhm BEAUTIFUL mysterytinyfox you see has why i love english ailithnight like to velociraptor around my house at 2 in the morning. ace nyctophyle GooD not to be a tea but brit My headache makes me want to clothesline into a wall BB enquires state bullding why do these make some sembiance of sense Because brains do not brain logically couldbeglorious Brains do brain logically But when english doesn't logic englishly, brain brains by itself to logic that english I hate that this makes sense uff at FUNSUbstanct memes
The Boooger likes to pretend he is an Stupid ass gear set up. Bought a operator meme micro rig on ebay for $300 works in an office that can only hold 3 mags. Imao good luck with that Im BOOOOOOGING Wears hawaiian shirts to be different, looks exactly like every other larper watched a couple on the Cant wait for SHTF but internet, thinks he's an operator cant even grow a tomato or now butcher an animal Gear looks like a hippy's bumper covered in cringey based his entire personality around his hollywood tough guy fantasies Bro survival skills are easy anyone can do it haha, if not I'll just take stuff from other people Actually bought gear in multicam black haha, I have nods bro. multicam black
My lord. Please do not put your arms around me so suddenly in public. Haha Since we came all this way, perhaps we should enjoy a walk along the beach. We can leave our laundry basket atop this rock for now. Even if cannot be the hero or his beloved heroine. It is enough for me to be close to the one I care for. And live like this, happy by his side. Ah, but haven't even introduced myself. My name is Kokoro Natsume. am in the fifth grade of elementary school. Kokoro is easily the best girl in the game hands down  stigneth fifth grade part  Kokoro is easily the best girl in the game hands down ʲᵘˢᵗ ⁱᵍⁿᵒʳᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠⁱᶠᵗʰ ᵍʳᵃᵈᵉ ᵖᵃʳᵗ memes
The REAL Reason Kong Will DEFEAT Godzilla  Godzilla VS Kong THEORY DangerVille 106K views 1 vear aco 5 REASONS Godzilla Can WIN  Godzilla VS Kong 2020 DangerVille 104K views  1 year ago Banger 349K subscriber SUBSCRIBE I'm playing both that I always come ouLontop, memes