SCP 3812 is impossible to contain within any form of containment cell. SCP 3812 will alter reality to remove the containment cell, or move itself to another location, drastically impeding containment efforts. SCP 3812 seems to subconsciously resist attempts at containment, as well. Even if it is caught unaware, SCP 3812 cannot be tranquilized or amnesticized, as SCP 3812 will alter reality to remove or eliminate any threats to itself or its freedom of movement. Because of this, current containment efforts focus on mitigating damage and expressions of SCP 3812's symptoms as opposed to outright containment. Over time, SCP 3812 has become significantly less humanoid in appearance, and is now only vaguely humanoid Image of SCP 3812. Context unknown. and occasionally manifests in a variety of s

Everyone asked about the story of my knee injury so here we go Two years ago i was competing at nationals for FFA and I jumped a horse hurdle and it didnt end This photo was taken a few hours before it lhappned After my hurdle tragedy I was decided to stay at the national convention and enjoy my time before I went home I'm walking around the convention with a swollen knee and limping very badly i got a knee brace from a nearby walgreens I was on crutches for at least three months before my surgery I finally got my surgery but the recovery did not end What I mean by that is that my me ACL rotted away and my meniscus jus org right after again Every day now I deal with bone grinding and popping, my knee gives out a lot on me and it doesnt stay stable as it used to be. I cant bend it anymore o

Amy Siskind  Can't be said enough we toppled a dictator. 230 PM Jan 19, 2021 for iPhone 4.9K RetWeets 2.5K Quote Tweets 36.4K Likes Can't be said enough a significant number of people are legitimately retarded. You do not topple dictators by tweeting and voting unny.ce memes

Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it Everything but the sub 7. Real men do not run. rockinsideways 20 and Sub 7 minute run are you jacking me off rn. Fuck that ORANGE ONE can not run a sub7 mile Maxerss Sub 7 minute mile What are you sprinting Audifaux Really had to throw the sub 7 mile in there WowllsAaron Idk about that 7 min mile OkBuddyBoy Sub 7 mile That's like beyond good Imfao ran cross country in high school and even running every single day for three years I think my record was or so jgar Sub 7 mile what am I a fucking track star King Melon Damn, I can do all but run a 7 min mile. Fuck cardio, lift Get Fucked Run a sub 7 minute is pretty difficult. I see some people undermining that. Like thats not easy. NickfromBigMouth What about an 11 minute mile TwistAndShout Pathetic do

Nathan H. Rubin ba New Rule  you can not call yourself a law abiding gun owner if your response to a mandatory gun buyback is come and get it. Either you'd follow the law and turn it in because that'd be the law , or you're an irresponsible criminal who has no business owning an AK 47 or AR 15. New rule you can not hold any office, presently or in the future, if you swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and then spend 18 months campaigning to violate it. Either you abide by your oath because that is the law , or you're an irresponsible politician guilty of misfeasance and ineligible for any office. Love Reply memes