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Feature 489 Making friends with people from other countries is so crazy. I sent my group chat a Big Bird gif. HE FUCK And this one girl says, why isn't he blue  I'm like, the fuck you mean  So today I learned that in the Dutch version of Sesame Street, they do, in fact, have a blue Big Bird. 123 I was baffled by this so I went on Muppets Wiki and guess what. In Mexico, Big Bird is green and his name is Abelardo. Turkish Big Bird aka Minik Kus is apparently fucking orange. This looks like a fuckin alternate universe or smth. I can not meme
Fuck ALL IMAGES MAPS. News SHOPPING 8,550,000 Results Any time January 26, 20201 Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops release date Nvidia says GeForce RTX 30 Series laptops will be available starting January 26, 20201 from the world's top OEMs . India should see availability from Acer, Alienware, Asus, HP. Lenovo, and MSI meme
The facts of DogeCoin and Cryptos DogeCoin is a Top 10 Cryptocurrency Crypto's gain value from scarcity. You create scarcity by stopping the flow of *mining for or in this case, digging for DogeCoins. Currently there is no maximum amount of DogeCoins. You can continue to mine them freely. IF the creators of DogeCoin hault the mining and create the scarcity, that's when DogeGoin will pop off. Literally to the moon. BitCoin is valued at Elon Musk bought BitCoin last night. Elon also fully supports DogeCoin. DogeCoin can become the mext BitCoin. But it depends on this scarcity being created, and the HOLD mentality of the community behind it. Buy and hold lads. I will see you on the moon memes