Caravan meme

Mountain Bandit 22 Swadian Sharpshooter 17 Rhod6k Sergeant 6 Caravan Guard 4 Nord Veteran Archer 1 Sarranid Master Archer 8 I Vaegir Knight 10 Rhodok Veteran Nord Hus 2 It has begun and there's no stopping it.  It has begun and there's no stopping it memes
WNEWYORKPOST German Migrant caravan stopped Biden to reimpose COVID near Guatemala border on 19 travel ban on Europe d their way to the US and Brazil centers Honduran migrant traveling to US says Biden is going to help all of us By Emily Jacobs January 19, 2021 I is Honduran migrants walk to return to their country after authorities halted their trek to the United States, in Vado Hondo, Guatemala. RS Echeverria A Honduran migrant traveling with a caravan to the United States says President elect Joe Biden is giving them 100 days to get to the country. The unnamed migrant, in an interview filmed by CNN but uploaded by The Hill to Twitter on Monday, told the network he wanted patience and prayers that we can get to the US because they have a new president Biden. meme