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Had bottom surgery yesterday. Everything went great and now I'm finally done with the whole transitioning phase of being trans. Even bought myself a support shark to help me recover. could smell the smeil is caused normal wound healing smells. LY bad. ts 0 disgusting and unbearable. Thats the absolute worst part about this, it smelis literally anal , Its always open like that and the pink part with a wound in the to see on the picture but you could fit jabia .gone. that pink part of cavity. aling for this shit. The entire surgery just joke. How can they do this to One of the pictures loo ger in that cavity. From the side insultabons before the surgery and they showed me p m and told hin that doesn't look Posted by months ago Fuck. I'm no longer fine at all. I feel so lonely but at the same
Know what will score you an instant reject and ban from future submission A cover letter that says  To the politically correct, college aged SJW reading this, please forward along to your editor. You are not the intended audience of this piece. BYE PM Twitter Web memes
21% collective G Ad Sponsored Sponsored D Discover something new Treat Em Well. Treat Em Vegan 1,336 customer re She LOVES these treats, she gets more excited about these than any other treats I've tried. Fuckin Vegans man  Fuckin Vegans man memes
Dailyzenlist 12 Websites to Help You Discover New Music 1.  Get a map of related musical artists. 2.  Internet radio created by people, not algorithms. 3.  Play music that fits your mood or activity. 4.  Choose a song, artist, or genre. 5. TasteKid.con  Enter a band, and get suggestions. 6. com  Listen to only the best music of the band of your choice. 7.  Control your music using a command line. 8.  A discovery engine. 9. com  Play your mood. 10.  Get music suggestions based on what you like. 11.  Pick a genre, or pick a band. 12.  Turn your mood into music meme
You decide to sleep with the window open The bug screen is missing, but you'll take the risk You wake up to discover that you're sandwiched between a waspgirl and a mosquito girl A centipede girl has her long body wrapped around the three of you, snuggling you all together A petite be is curled up in your desk chair, wrapped up in an extra blanket Your bedroom door is open a crack you can hear the pop and sizzle of somebody making breakfast, and multiple female voices, from down the hallway You sigh You really need to get a new screen for your window memes