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E 8 Suisei's Super SimpQ Today at PM They can not even make fun of themselves because their self esteem is that low scoot Atleast we aren't gay All the time AU Gambit Today a TALK AMAIS 3 %3 3 Suisei's Super SimpQ Today at 1 Well, you're kinda sus sometimes But you got a point When the important is sus  AU Gambit But you got spirit scoot Today at PM Fiction is what's keeping me straight if I based my sexuality off real girls I would be James Charles 2 memes
A day ago I'm leaving a review on the initial presentation of the pizza because not only are the pieces unevenly cut so that some are teeny tiny while others are about double the size, but the pieces weren't even cut all the way through. We literally had to use a pizza cutter from the drawer thankfully there is one at the cabin . This is yet another example of why there should not be a mandatory dollar amount for an entry level position and why wages should be increased based on performance. I know it's only a $5 pizza, but is it really too difficult to cut the pizza evenly and all the way through when you're not even busy memes