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Rotted Corpse The Beast Plague does not only cause mutation and madness. The plague has also reanima ted these Yharnam inhabitants to new un life. Though they may be little more than rotting skeletons, they still feature signs of beast trans formation, along with a predatory instinct. They often lie in wait, submerged in filth and sewage, until approached, to then attack their unsuspecting victims. Rortep Corpse Armor Class 12 N Hit Points 22 Speed 10 ft, swim sTR DEX CON INT wis CHA AND Senses passive Perce Languages Challenge Murkwater Camoufloge. The Rott Dexterity Stealth ability check created by dm tuz.tumbircom memes
WELL BE IN AFGHANISTAN FOREVER. HERE'S A CARTOON YoU CAN REUSE WITH EACH NEW ADMINISTRATION THIS WAR IS UNWINNABLE WE NEED TO mars TALIBAN TALK WERE KEEPING AMERICA 10 years later and this comic is still accurate  10 years later and this comic is still accurate meme