Most Retarded Comments of the Day do not think know more know I know more. Covid 19 is harmless ZeroTwolover69 It must be sad being this fucking dumb GonortheaPastaSauce You're the dumb one for trusting the Jewish media. ZeroTwolover69 And i thought you couldn't get any dumber GonorrheaPastaSauce So you're a retard Kane Nope I just know the media is lying about the virus so the Jews can destroy small businesses and the economy while getting humanity used to slavery. ZeroTwolover69 Covid does kill you. It worsens underlying conditions. That's why it doesntt effect healthy people as bad. Ikane 2 No thats not how that works. If you already had underlying conditions its the underlying conditions could've that gotten killed you. You pneumonia, the Appearantly could've gotten pneumonia, the flu,

Liepard your bed is probably as happy to see you as you are to see it. here comes the warmth slab it thinks wrong it thinks god hope this dipshit doesnt spill beans all over me again who tf eats beans in bed stop reblogging this new year new me i havent spilled beans in bed ONCE this year targent uh oh memes

The Legend of Zelda f Ocarina of Time Console game fortnite has way beter gragics this game is a fortnite copy but worse it's grafics are terrible and it doesnt even have skins or danses. seriously why wod someone wast money on a copy wehn they can play the original for FREE it also doesnt have online multyplayer so hate it. I just war want to talk with memes