Dying memes

Anonymous said Why stop at fat people tho Why not go up to smokers and scream about cancer to them  Why not go up to anorexic people and scream about dying to them  If you really cared you would tell people to stop having so many kids too because science tells us our exponentially growing population size is really what's going to do us all in. Your problem is you do not care ENOUGH. Why not scream at smokers Because smokers do not have a cancer is beautiful xoxo emphysemaacceptance attitude. They do not go around patting each other on the back about reaching 30 cigarettes a day and then tell each other how fabulous that is and that it's impossible to stop smoking anyway, I have a condition Anorexics, smokers, etc. all have legitimate health problems AND THEY RECOGNISE THAT. They do not hav
Grandma and typing Today Just heard that you failed you finals LOL Grandma I do not think you know what LOL means I know what it means you fucking nome I'm laughing at you, stop staring at those anime girls and start studying you fucking weeb. 02 memes