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Information Your Health. Center Your Family. Your Choice. Med AAlerts Home Search Results From the 2021 release of VAERS data Found 181 cases where Vaccine targets COVID 19 COVID19 and Patient Died Case This is page 8 out of 19 Result pages prev 1234567891011121314151617 next VAERS ID 93234 Form Sex Age Male Onset Male Sex Location North Carolina Days after 1 vaccination 2021 01 Vaccinated 2021 01 Submitted 0000 00. Entered 00 2021 01 10 Vaccination Manufacturer Lot Dose Site Route COVID19 COVID19 COVID19 PFIZER BIONTECH  I AR SYR According to VAERS there has been confirmed 181 DEATHS due to the COVID vaccine. This shot is a killer. Here is the proof EVEN and REVERSESORT php memes
DECEPTICON Crack lover I GPraclekover is the Seeker's friendly, moral center. If his paint job doesn't blind his enemies into submission, he's got a 50 meter electric dampening effect to shut them up. He feels so sorry for beings that, unlike himself, are incapable of flight, that he sometimes drags them through the sky unsolicited using his magna clamps. He would leave the war to become an Earth civilian if he wasn't wanted by human authorities. WEAPONS ABILITIES already a capable warrior, but now having used tuel source, has become harder, better, faster, stron ger and more alive. He can generate massive quantities of electricity, thea retically up to ap proximately one million volts. He can employ this electra static energy as lightning arcs from ALTERNATE MODE  his fingertips. WEAKNESS