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Racism Test You Population Average HISTORICAL RACISM FOREIGNER RACISM RACISM GENERAL SOCIO PERPETUAL TOTAL This makes you 63.81% more prone to general racism than the average person. 71.27% more prone to socio historical racism than the average person. e 56.93% more prone to perpetual foreigner racism than the average person. 63.9% more prone to racism than the average person overall memes
Anonymous No, using linux in front of class mates teacher says Ok students, now open photoshop  start furiously typing away at 88 KB JPG terminal to install Wine Errors out the ass Everyone else has already started their classwork start to sweat Install GIMP what the fuck is THAT anon  a girl next to me asks tell her its GIMP and can do everything that photoshop does and IT'S FREE  Ok class, now draw use the shape tool to draw a circle  the teacher says fucking break down and cry and run out of the class I get beat up in the parking lot after school  56933021   56933080   56934022   56934086  memes
Ents on Yakuza 7 Like A Dragon Legend No mage All Bosses Commentary  Thomas Collections 6 hours ago No Damage when are you gonna Stop screaming in your vids it sounds like you're breaking the mic when you do that REPLY Hide 2 replies It will not stop, I will keep moving forward REPLY Highlighted reply Thomas Collections 3 hours ago imontheedge ofmyseat net a good look, dude REPLY memes