Eventually meme

Look, this unexpected we'll just go on living our lives, and they sound pretty darned good preview of our future will eventually seem like a dream, trust me. Jenny gave us an insurance policy, that's all. I I guess we just block it out. Yup. Like the time my pants split on the first Posera System moon Tanding. Are you going to tell me about your par memes
How does a theory become All Images Shopping News M A theory doesn't become a law. When the scientists investigate the hypothesis, they follow a line of reasoning and eventually formulate a theory. Once a theory has been tested thoroughly and is accepted, it becomes a scientific law. Jan 1, 2009 resource  scie Science 101 How does a scientific theory become a scientific law  About featured snippets Feedback meme
Replying to AlikoDangote 100% of people born in africa eventually die and Instead of solving this issue dangote is bragging about reducing the malaria rate by 0,000001%. This monster has to be stopped. 97 T12,5k Aliko Dangote AlikoDangote Replying to osvaldo12 What the hell I BREAKING NEWS LIKODANGOTE KILLS OSVALDO12 THE RICHEST MAN IN AFRICA KILLED OSVALDO12 AFTER BEING EXPOSED ON TWIT} memes
Why can not i stop being thirsty Did i become a vampire or some shit, thats how it works right, I dramatically complain about an unquenchable thirst until i eventually eat a person and then two dudes wearing too much flannel cut my head off memes