Joe Biden ip JoeBiden A wall will not stop the coronavirus. Banning all travel from Europe  or any other part of the Before world  will not stop it. This disease could impact every nation and any person Election on the planet  and we need a plan to combat it. PM  Mar 12, 2020  TweetDeck Biden on Monday will reinstate Covid travel restrictions After on non US citizens who have been in Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and much of Europe, a White House Election official tells Biden will also extend restrictions to travelers who have recently been to South Africa PM  Jan 24, 2021  Twitter for iPhone March 12 2020 Before the Election January 24, 2021 After the Election Manu Raju is the CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent memes

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 33 PM 350 Pound Woman I'm Obese Because Do not Get Enough Taxpayer Money By Katherine Timpf share fa witweet 6 bot A 350 pound British woman claims it's not her Comments 237 British woman claims it's not her fault she's morbidly obese  it's because the government doesn't give her enough money. It would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight. I'd like to get for every pound I lose, 25 year old Christina Briggs said. Briggs said losing weight is currently impossible because she doesn't have enough money to buy healthy food or join a gym. I tried swimming but it cost $35.89 a month and it meant I had to cut back on my favourite pizza and Chinese takeaways, she said. It's not my fault healthy food is too expensive, she added. Briggs already

To prove they are the best secret service in the world, the CIA, the FBI and the KGB had to find a rabbit in a forest. CIA go first. After 24 hours, they get out of the forest and announce that they listened to every conversation in the forest, checked for strange lights in the sky, overthrew the King Stag, and that they can conclude that no rabbit has ever lived in this forest and that it was just a rumor. FBI then enter the forest, and after pestering local law enforcement come back 12 hours later with a dead rabbit. They announce that the rabbit had a weapon and threatened their agents, and got what was coming for him. KGB go last and enter the forest in numbers. 1 hour after, they come back with a bear in chains. They point him to the camera and the bear goes confess I am a rabbit meme