7 $20.25 View GME GME Your Position Amount 1 GME Break even price $182.10 Current Price $20.25 Today's Return Total Return Exercise Stats Bid $18.00 x 10 Mark $20.25 High $84.50 Volume Onen interest GME Share Price $88.87 4 Equity $2,025.00 Exp Date Avg Cost $67.10 $4,685.00  69.82%  $4,685.00  69.82% Ask $22.50 x 20 Prev Close $20.25 Low $15.00 985 Q FF meme
Bodyweight Cardio for Home Workouts 1. Jump Rope 2. Box Shuffle 3. Jumping Jack 4. Split Squat Jump 5. Running in Place Add a bodyweight cardio exercise to your daily workout to burn more calories and improve your endurance. Perform 1 minute and increase it by 30 seconds as you increase your fitness level meme
Paul Joseph Watson  PrisonPlanet Leftists in power Immediately start exercising power to enact their agenda, do not give a single shit about the right. Conservatives in power Immediately start groveling to the left, fail to exercise power to enact their agenda in any meaningful way, soon out of power meme
Random Question What does it mean hen my shoulder makes a clicking sound when I lift weights I've been doing some new exercises with my eights. Things have been going fine, ut today my shoulders started licking. It doesn't hurt either. My weights meme
Anonymous No.59432788 This is my tactic for females at the gym I use social dominance when i see hot babes at the gym. I will change my workout so that I follow them on each exercise they are doing and copy them by doing the same muscle group but with more weight. This is to show that am stronger than them in every way. Then I stand very close behind them when I work out and flex while remaining expressionless behind my sunglasses. I get rock hard boners when I see hot babes and I usually try to get close enough behind them where I can quickly rub my boner against their big butt. Usually this makes me blow my load into my basketball shorts but not always. By this point I have so physically dominated and intimidated the hot babe that she will enter a fight or flight mode. Usually she will r
Re is one di works for everyone In fact, you can call it the best diet that you're ever going to find What is it The one that you will stick to forever. Whether you choose to eat all plants, or all animals, or both What is optimal for one person may not be optimal for another. The choice is deeply personal and will be different for everyone based on a number of factors including your goals, beliefs, scientific research, and much more. The key is to find what works best for you and stick to it. jade with mematic And if you stick to it forever it's actually not a diet', but rather a lifestyle And making it a lifestyle is the only way to ensure long term health, strength, and muscle growth. And do not take anybody's word for it either try many and decide for yourself. And no matter if your go
$37.25 View NFLX NFLX ALL Your Position Amount Equity 1 $3,725.00 NFLX Break even price Exp Date $554.50 Current Price Avg Cost $37.25 $4.50 Today's Return $3,250.00  684.21% Total Return $3,275.00  727.78% Exercise Stats Bid $36.90 x 28 Ask $37.60 x 17 NFLX Share Price Trad $582.78 Q FF memes
Illinois Memes This is Jennifer her boyfriend Mike left her because she weighed over 220Ibs. Jennifer began a diet and exercise plan along with Herbalife supplements for 3 years. However, she was not able to lose weight, and to the right is Amy, Mike's new girlfriend
Le This is Sarah. She is 45 years old. She has two children. She has never exercised a day in her life, yet she eats anything she wants and stays up until 3 a.m. drinking beer. What's her secret No secret. Sarah is the one in the upper right corner of the picture memes