First meme

Kingston First are delighted to welcome you THE Magicai Market TOWN agined and desianed by our local children, Flnd the creatures and bring them to lite through the magic of our augmented realty To get started, follow the instructions on the bottom of this sticker UNDERTAIL Purveyor of Magical Bones to Help People Who Need New Bones When they get hurt, a fairy can themselves with magic, witch A sprite reform out of thin air, rewind the tragic. We humans are less nimble, and we sometimes break our bones, Or just with to time transform codgers or to from crones. youths, to codgers or to crones. who cures But Undertail's a kindly soul who this mortal flaw, And anyone can find who needs them in new bones can find them in gis store, awitch who cures more con and you monsirove kk NSsTON KiNGsToN
SCAREY SCmusic82 Biden's first week accomplishments  Killed 100,000 jobs during planDEMic Made US energy DEPENDENT Gave China access to US power grid Increased Drug prices Sent troops to sleep in parking garage Sent troops to Syria Banned fracking Caught without mask Solid meme