Five memes

LaVerne Law Federalist Society Jan 20, 2021 WW Anyone else being forced to follow WhiteHouse account on instagram We have unfollowed and been re added by them five separate times today. Veryyyyy interesting. I y Liz Bingham lizzybingy Yes. What tf is that about PM Jan 20, 2021 See Liz Bingham's other Tweets Still more This is getting so annoying but at least they are proving me right  O 80 million did note vote for Basement. Even Instagram has to force you to follow his illegitimate White House page. Posts Followers Following The White House elcome to the official Biden Harris White House. Followed by obiwangenobii, ivankatrump agq 98 others Unrestrict even when I've blocked and ggstricted this damn page muted both posts stories and posts ss Add to Close Friends List Mute Unrestrict