Timmy is part of the student council Timmy knows he's going to lose the upcoming election for a knew Student body president because he didn't do his job  But Timmy likes to be in charge and knows that his friends want him in charge too Timmy makes multiple posters saying the school is corrupt and places them around the building where everyone can see He also tells his friends to disrupt the council meeting where they tally the votes Timmy's friends listen to him and his posters. After all, he said the council cheated him out of being president. Why would he lie  Timmy's friends break open the door to the council room, smashing windows and stealing a couple chairs, because why not  Timmy watches all of this from the sidelines. Timmy begins to realize how this might connect to him, so he put

Imagine Bob Ross painting in the style of Hieronymus Bosch this little demon down here is kind of lonely, let's give him some happy little friends. little demon party. bienenkiste Hieronymus Bob It's your tortured human soul, you can choose how many blackbirds you want to fly out of his anus. Just as many as you think it needs memes

So I get home from the restaraunt tonight, and I find out that apprently our fucking Qanon redneck, rich trash neighbor, who curiously fucking enough was nowhere to be found the whole first week of this month, was screaming at Blake and his friends for wearing their masks on their way home from school today. I swear these people are fucking intolerable. This happens again and that cunt is going to learn the real hard way why you do not go yelling at kids that ain't yours. Hope they do not care too much about that stupid cat they're always letting wander all around the fucking neighborhood memes

Ley me and some friends are Streaming WeebDynast n Twitch right now ill be playing Custom rainbow 6 siege games. We play o and are willing to play with viewers as well. ing by say whats up and tell us what games you'd like see us play memes

Spectrum LTE PM 34% Gunnar Mc TODAY GUNNAR Sunshine and rainbows And testing negative for an STD Fun times and halos And getting topped of in an SUV Some people like drugs Some do not they get anxious Some people like hugs Most people like masturbation Send chat Ok You QWERTY Ul O P AS DF GH J KL ZX CV BNM space I send I memes

Despite popular beliefs, marxism is the belief that there should be no central government due to governments being inherently corrupt in some way. Another misconception is the stripping gun rights. Marx was an avid supporter of gun rights. Also being lazy in communism wont work like many people say. People who dont put in labor do not get anything to begin with. You would be able to do what you like while also gaining what you need from others who are doing what they like Imagine in minecraft youre playing with 2 other friends. You go mining and get 50 diamonds. While you were mining your friend made a farm for food and the other friend did nothing. Because you got the diamonds, you would get some food. Because he made the farm, he would get some diamonds. The friend who did nothing will g

Anonymous No.845594401 be me, 23 ylo virgin start going out with lifelong friend after a vacation in friendship always had a crush 54 KB PNG on her, she is a in my eyes she has low self esteem, nympho, ticks all the boxes I decide I'm in love with her get invited back to hers after a night out want to smash start exposing wardrobe skeletons because I trust her so implicitly turn her off no sex for me Comment too long. Click here to view the full text. 4 Replies  1 Image View Thread memes

Anonymous No.61941648 61941920 ile you jpg 24 KB, 586x586 61940901 OP an autistic story in greentext okay here i go be me grade no friends, quiet eonstant solitude and feeling alone to alleviate this i lie down, hide my mouth and talk to myself ing talking to an imaginary woman about my feelings, and how i feel fucking subhuman forget to hide mouth THEYSAW kid shouts ANON IS TALKING TO HIMSELF everyone starts fucking guffawing at me idea in hopes of making them understand, tell them that i have aspergers they laugh even louder they start bashing my head into desk girl shouts do not do that he doesn't understand what's happening seriously of failin thal He And hara the all minkty tnlarant maddace tall tham memes