I feel sorry for Netflix era kids. They will never know the high stakes adrenaline of running to the bedroom in a single ad break, with the beckoning call of a sibling screaming It's ONNNNNN to send you hurdling over furniture to get back in time. Couldn't you just pause it oh my sweet summer child am dying meme
David Jurmann Spontaneous 2020 Watched January 20, 2021 Spontaneous is so bonkers and a bloody good time. Right off the bat, Katherine Langford is so likable and fun. She's a character who doesn't have a whole lot of development, but Langford's energy and charisma adds a lot to her character as a whole. The same largely goes for Charlie Plummer, who is very likable as well and has fantastic chemistry with Katherine Langford. The scenes with either character alone are decent, but their scenes together are that much stronger because of how fun their dynamic and relationship is. It's a shame there wasn't quite as much of the two on screen together as I would have liked, but I really enjoyed what I did get. Tonally, this film does struggle a little bit, especially in the second half, but it do