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ShelbiRose Today at PM I JUST GOT THE BEST IDEA FOR A CHALLENGE It's a test not to laugh. However it is within the actual server. Like regular game play except one person is the one who can not laugh and the rest of us are trying to make them laugh. May or may not have gotten this idea by watching someone do this and died laughing XD Today at PM Hotdog eating contest involving only a single hotdog that you eat again after you spew it out your nose, but you can not use your hands at all Oh wait nah, yours is better. ShelbiRose Today at PM Wait what Whyyyy X'D Noooo00000000000 Today at PM Idk my mind's thought processes are rather questionable at this time of night Meanwhile in the Steameratt Buddies chat XD  Meanwhile in the Steamcraft Buddies chat XD memes
Posted by 2 Retard Alert Please Read Before You Ruin This For Everyone. Daily Discussion Listen you little newbs, stick to these 3 main stocks so we can SHORT them. GME NAKD AMC Just buy only those 3 and nothing else. The reason why NONE of these stocks are going up is because we are all over the place. Focus on those 3 for shorting and we all come out on top together. Yes I am a financial advisor and I won't reveal my ITA information. Legal protection rights Anyways carry on. Edit 1 Another thing killing the stocks is putting sell orders. Get rid of your sell orders and just hold onto those stocks. Also if you want brokerage accounts try Fidelity, Etrade, Webull, Finance meme
THE YEAR IS 2045. The southern United States lives under BLACK RULE. All white men are fed hormones, sissified, and dominated. White women are breeding stock for black alphas. Visionary erotica author Whitney Ryan invites you to explore Book One of the brand new BLACK FUTURE series. amazon GAME OVER, unlimited WHITE BOY memes
Just saw a guy with a runny nose hope he isn't too sick AP PI id I just watched a guy pay someone $5 to cum in his nose blinedsun 422 I just payed some guy $5 to cum in his nose ww The Secret Service  7 Some guy just walked up and sneezed cum on me. Inflamedlotus 737 Some dude just sneezed and cum flew everywhere The Councilman se What the hell happened here jajay1231 meme