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Suisei's Super SimpQ I'm based infinite content AU Gambit Jaja yruore dyslexic Suisei's Super SimpQ oday at 12 Make sure to get that in there Beuh Rhha I can not fucking type I think I'm done for today Holy shit I hate it here AU Gambit yeah. Suisei's Super SimpQ Today at PN raist you can gain internet approval from 3 random people because of my illiteracy I'm basically infinite content No typos this time I'm handling this keyboard like a Priest to an altar boy That's fucking fire right there People are gonna say that shit now and they better credit me or I'll actually do nothing about it meme
This is my hunting rifle. Maybe you should get yourself up to speed and stop lying. SS 2019 09 22, it View Tweet activity Tl Replying to have no problem with people having that hunting rifle. The problem lies with military style assault rifles like this one memes
I have my new world citizen uniform on for school white sweater and gray sweat pants on. I have 9 minutes until class starts. I woke up at Been a long time since I had to get up early for anything. I went to bed at 11PM last night, and with my body being used to getting 3 5 hours of sleep, woke up at Then set an alarm for 2 hours. This morning is my first ever supply chain management class. Should be interesting. I hear that SCM is a really popular major right now and nobody know what it is. Everyone wants to do Finance and Accounting at our business school. I decided to do Finance, SCM, and business analytics. Wonder if I have to have my webcam on for this one. It's a new professor. If we do need to, I'm glad I do not feel ugly this morning. Very beautiful meme