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KahlanAllen subscribe *****T HIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE READ ALL YEAR My husband and I were dressed and ready to go out for a lovely evening of dinner and theater. Having been burgled in the past, we turned on a night light and then put the cat in the backyard. When our Uber arrived, we walked out our front door and our rather tubby cat scooted between our legs inside, then ran up the stairs. Because our cat likes to chase our parakeet we didn't want to leave them unchaperoned so my husband ran inside to retrieve her and put her in the back yard again. Because I didn't want the Uber driver to know our house was going to be empty all evening, I explained to him that my husband would be out momentarily as he was just bidding goodnight to my mother. A few minutes later he got i
Lucina x Kjelle 22 Cynthia x Severa Morgan IF Noire x Nah Potential Spouses Owain, Inigo, Laurent, Yarne, Brady, Gerome Also, for the fun of it, I randomized the S Support choices for the rest of the generation characters  Also, for the fun of it, I randomized the S Support choices for the rest of the 2nd generation characters memes
Citron Research CitronResearch $GME still going to $20 easy but Citron does not want to go live in the middle of a historic presidential inauguration. We respect the office of presidency and out country and will not interfere with market commentary. We look forward to the livestream tom. Gold Bless America meme
Eeco Sprint AM Done Tiffany, 24 10 miles away Active 1 hour ago About Tiffany 5'3 if you're below 6'0 swipe left Single mom, my little angel is everything to me I love my hair more then I will love you. Book nerd, huge Harry Potter nerd Bernie 2020 I am full of random facts ENFJ A Beer or whiskey over wine any day. Tattoos and piercings meme