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A police officer pulled over a driver and informed him that, because he was wearing his seat belt, he had just won $1,000 ina safety competition. What are you going to do with the prize money the officer asked. The man responded, guess I'll go to driving school and get my license. At that moment, his wife, who was seated next to him, chimed in, Officer, do not listen to him. He's a smart ass when he's drunk. This woke up the guy in the back seat, who, when he saw the cop, blurted out, l knew we wouldn't get far in this stolen car. At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a voice asked Are we over the border yet memes
Kong is going to use his superior intelligence to find Godzilla's g spot and then assault it with a frenzy of finger blasts that would put lesbian porn star Deux Jeunes to shame, thus neither will win, but humanity will drown under literally 346 million trillion gallons of Godzilla's sweet cock sauce memes
WHY DOGE IS GOING DOWN. MUST Serious DO NOT SELL UPVOTE THIS UPON READING  IF YOU HAVE MONEY IN DOGE THEN READ THIS  The only reason that it's staggering is because free trading brokerages like Robinhood are making you wait until your deposits go through which takes up to 5 days, so ALLLL of these people who WANT to put in CANT because their deposits have not gone through. SO DO NOT SELL. HOLD HOLD HOLD. Once these boys deposits come through we'll be by mid week next week  UPVOTE THIS SO PEOPLE KNOW Edit Dogecoin RULES 1 OS is the floor, if it dips we all have to work together to keep it above.05. 2. after it reaches $1 sell only 10% so we can continue to drive it up while still profiting 8.1k Lb 957 Share Award memes
Anonymous ID MtAgXMQ Just Woke Up No.297197783 Damn, just my luck to get into an accident right after the 2016 election. Of course the first thing I'm going to do is check in with my MAGA bros So how's it been 480KB upG Are the libs still coping Oh man, what a bunch of pussies. Your candidate lost Get over it. can not wait to see the wall I bet it's beautiful. do not know how Trump got Mexico to pay for it but I'm sure it was genius I bet it's been great having a president that actually works for a change, lazy fucking Obama was golfing like every month almost How stacked is the US with cash now I bet Trump cut the deficit down to nothing in no time with his master negotiating. It will be nice finally having a president that doesn't bow to foreign powers like Israel. Did Trump get rid of P
I DID IT BOYS I'm going to graduate school. Here is my dog taking awkward selfies just because. I do not care if I get featured or mot. I DID IT BOYS I'm going to graduate school. Here is my dog taking awkward selfies just because. I do not care if I get featured or not. memes
Tech Won't Save Us podcast ttechwontsaveus How it started How it's going  Bloomberg Subscribe Markets SpaceX Plans to Drill for Natural Gas Near Texas Launchpad Guardian Environment Network Sy anuary 22,2021, 249 PM EST lon Musk We need Updated on January 22, 2021, 654 PM EST revolt against the fossil fuel industry Tesla chief says educating the public on climate issuesis essential in countering oil and gas lobby's influence over big political decisions, reports Edie.net AM   Twitter for iPhone memes