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Decided to take a run through all the people Im subbed to. If no one posted in the past recently, or had only shitty posts, I unsubbed. Congrats to those of you still active and with good posts This has been a certified THE Catholic AnCap memes

Kingofthecrabs for president My promise to you the voter 1. Immediate return to isolationism, fuck everyone else, they dont like us Well bye bye nigga 2. Mandatory de vaccination shot makes you immune to vaccines 3. Any politician who drops below 50% approval rating is immediatly killed with a chip in their brain 4. All legal citizens required to stay strapped at all times 5. Arepopulation of northeastern mountain lions, the deer have had it good for too long 6. A huge suggestion box at DC that anyone can put anything in memes

My daughter started her period on the bus ride home today and a boy a year older than her that she doesn't really know pulled her aside and whispered in her ear that she had a stain on the back of her pants and gave her his sweater to tie around her waist so she could walk home off of the bus she said she was kind of embarrassed and originally said it's okay but the boy insisted and told her I have sisters, it's all good If you are this boy's Mom I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right  We hear so many bad things about today's youth, and wanted to share something positive memes