12 16 years old older in some cases, which is sad Either super skinny or super fat Gets banned often. Anti SJW phase Will complain about being GAMER silenced 75% of the time. Sta rt er Pa ck Most likely a guy 'm a minority and I'm not offended  Is suddenly a history expert unironically calls himself that  doesn't matter if they're actually a minority whenever there's a woman in a game Watches these religiously SJWS OWNED COMPILATION 1 Calls people this whenever there is a disagreement Overuses cringe to the point it doesn't mean or this if they're a group anything anymore Hates vegans for some reason se ess A fan of at least one of these guys REAL MEN GO THEIR OWN WAY superiority complex memes

Brown Parler turns on Trump. Trump is a deep left plant. Before running for office he was a registered Democrat. He hung out in New York with the Clintons, Not the Bushes. Not the Reagan's. Btw, just by the nature of their businesses, there are pics of trump with Reagan and the Bushes. But there are 0000 many more with the Clintons. After the 2016 elections 8 long time GOP political operators Stone, Manafort  were convicted or pled guilty and went to jail. Why now all of the sudden and all together Sure trump pardoned them, but not until after they all went to jail. These guys that stormed the Capitol were invited to DC by trump. They went to the Capitol like he told them he even said he would go with them and then didn't . They tried to be good soldiers and they are all ending up in jail