Hanging meme

I'm Caught in a Dark Web Challenge and Need Help There's a crossroad before me and none of the avenues are appealing, Either one will lead to life changing events, indecision will definitely be worse than any of the options. However, it is an opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money, I'm talking somewhere in the ballpark of seven figures. Could be that it ends up ruining everything I've ever worked for, though. Now, I've been given a small window of time here to reach out and seek advice as to what I should do, but first let me explain the situation was on the deep web a few days ago, no not doing anything illegal, I frequently go there to read articles and news stories from highly censored countries. I'm a musician, you see, and these stories give me material. Like to think of my
Changing ur bedsheets is a high risk commitment bc from the second u take the old ones out, u enter an almost unwinnable race against ur executive dysfunction, and any miscalculations Will result in ur sleeping on a bare ass mattress for a whole week AM meme