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Minnesota incest is the best. my mom tried to kill me. she tried to push me over the railing to their basement. their house had a mold problem that spread when a cat that we have had since I was in grade died. visiting him spread it to my apartment. Rather than own up to their mistakes physical abuse verbal abuse ml currently using false police reports to steal everything I ever owned and continue to poison me. police refuse to allow their crimes on a report I would seriously question any Statistics based on police reports. the elephant in the room that isn't mentioned is police do not have to allow a report. 8 months after moving back in and with zero notice hey changed the lock. his was after accepting to demanding $6,300 in services that I had performed professionally for over a decade.
Reasons why you are obsessed with vampires alignment chart you just like the aesthetic lawful neutral you're goth you like classic vampire fiction true neutral you have a secret biting fetish you have a crush on Alucard chaotic neutral vampire kin you never got over twilight neutral evil your dream is to live alone in a remote victorian mansion, and when strangers have lost their way to let them spend the night. sadly most of them I disappear mysteriously. This has nothing to do with your every growing collection of skull chandaliers and blood I red goblets. chaotic evil DIO memes