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SHADOWMARKS The clever little marks are carved all over Skyrim.,. mostly on the doorframes ar fronts of buildings. but you can find them pretty much anywhere a thies been, the way we talk ach other without talking. Keeps the newer thieves from becoming dead thieves and all rhar ansense. There arent that many of the bloody things, so do not want hear ary exceases about not having the tline 10 learn thet. Anyway, of my gabbieg. Time 10 cap an and da a linde research, Safe We ustaly leave this sbadowneack we're sccuted and found a safe way xroutd something, a hallway without waps or maybe a house that's already cheared out. f you see one of theve, head the way pointing anxt you'll be flag Escape Route on the rare oocasion it berter be rate sion yora want no work the Guild thas you find yrurse
Today a man came to the place I work and called in and said I'm here to pick up a curbside order. I asked him what car he was in and he said it should say it on the ticket and said well sir we have multiple orders so I either need your name, or your car information to confirm it's your order. So he told me the car he was in and said it'll be out shortly sir and hung upside. He then called back and said I need to speak to the manager . And my boss gave him a refund and let him keep the order, all while the guy was spouting off about how my attitude is bad for business. If you bitch and complain at a fast food joint or a sit down restaurant, and they give you free food or anything of the likes, it's not because your right. It's because the best way to calm down a crying baby is to give them
HAS ANYONE ELSE LOOKED UP THE COORDINATES You're probably wondering why I've gathered you all here today Because we all share the same names  Precisely, PM, meet at these coordinates, 40.8223286, 96.7982002 we fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name, you have a year to prepare, good luck does anyone else remember this meme  it's almost time for the josh showdown pad ayx has rocks Oh my god Follow oh lord in the name of mushrooms Is this what 2020 was The Joshes all training DID AND THIS IS REALLY GOING TO 2020 was just the josh trainikd AP,