Covid kicking my ass or whatever the fuck you go by. It's a struggle for all of us. I'm just ready for this shit to be over with. Feels like its never going to end. Haven't felt this bad since I was 16 and homeless living in a park bathroom freezing my ass off. In my now, got a roof over my head thank God. For now atleast until its fuck God lol Been 5 days now since I've eaten anything. My stomach stopped growling and that knot went away so that's good. Government with them stimulus checks shit didn't last long with bills behind funny how everything stops but the bills keep piling up lol Ah the foodbank smh lol. They sitting there no mask handing out bags of mold with a smile on their faces like they helping No thanks uh, you can keep your covid and the bag of fungus. I'm good. I'll take t

BUSINESS INSI ER How one 31 year old paid off $220,000 in student loans in 3 years IR MONEY Back home in Jolie, tins, Horton to job as operations but the the east nonproft her mother rins The salary was comparable to what she made in DC, but the cast of living was dastcaly less. She increased her student loan payments, setting the lofty goa of paying them off entitely ina year. Horton and her boyfriend tied the knot after the move, Hortin's mother gave the couple ondo that she had purchased at un auction as.a wedding gif. became crucial wiping away the hefty student Jaan tb, Horton and her husband tive in the condo for three months, but then they to decided eith her grandparents down the street and started renting out the to bring extra To.anyome who feels overwhelmed by the praspeet of ta

Dan Price DanPriceSeattle $15 an hour will increase prices Costco pays workers well, same prices as Walmart's Sam's Club In n Out pays workers well, same prices as McDonald's Best Buy, Target  and  Home Depot raised pay 20% in pandemic, same prices All 5 pay over $15. They made profit in 2020. Pay people a living wage. When companies say they cant they are lying to you  Pay people a living wage. When companies say they can not they are lying to you memes

Anonymous No.61197478 Ask everyone to bring a snack, a beverage, or try to pitch in for such when game night comes One guy brings nine bags of unboxed for ease of transportation cinnamon frosted 84 KB JPG flakes cereal and one gallon of skim milk Makes himself it at home in kitchen as we set up the session, popcorn bowl full of cereal, serving spoon, etc Literally makes himself sick on artificially sweetened pseudo cinnamon flavored breakfast sugary cereal Vomits on living room floor and sleeping dog Dog cries havoc, unleashes well, itself Stampedes violently through house, dispersing its liquid vomit cargo in brief stop and convulse bursts DM leaves his own house, guests inside, gets in car, drives off. 84 KB JPG  61197563   61198098   61198136   61198152  meme

ComradeTheDog re living Bernie Sanders of d millions ges. With ontrol of the Whit to House, the Senate and the House toa living wage $15 an hour. No excuses. Vivian If you want a living wage, get a better job is a fascinating way to spin I acknowledge that your current job needs to be done, but think whomever does that job deserves to be in poverty. Working Capitalism. Class People Working People turned reactionary because of their bad condition which they project on the Other ould Why are you a Liberal Your clearly a Radlib with no understanding of Leftism or communism besides memes. Your an electoralist mutt who thinks the abolition of property, Resistance aganist imperialism makes ua frankie Tankie* Your so stupid you think a revolution cant be successful or real without a multi cultura

LTE Jennifer Lopez Styles Crop Tank with Black Leggings and Air Jordans for a Trip to the Gym Jennifer Lopez was seen leaving the gym on Saturday, wearing a white crop tank, black leg Footwear News 3 days ago Scientists Have Described a Dinosaur's Butthole in Exquisite Detail When a dog sized Psittacosaurus was living out its days on Earth, it was probably concern scienceAlert 1 day ago Janet Yelle curtailing Arintnaniuieranaing auinh ac fA Ql ece Home Collections Recent More meme

Ed with mew baker  CHARMING WIFE OF FAMOUS OPERATIC STAR Stude really selected our ne Stude baker as a surprise for my hus band, says Mrs. Tibet, be really selected our ne cause he gets so much relaxation out of motoring and driving him self. But have found it such comfortable and easy riving car, it's hard io beliewe it wasn't built to order. The designer Raymond Loewy does havea genius for indi vidualizing everything he styles. Distinetively smart, new distinguished husband are and New ba art of gracious living she decided York home and Connceticut far on a new 1941 Studebaker Land Gru Thousands of other to good the Tibbetts did a AVAILABLE OF COMMANDER SIX PRESIDENT buying distinctively styled new purchase a smart 1941 Studebaker er on either the Commander Six or y little er now your lo

This is an actual thing on CNN im fucking losing my mind hahha 2 hr 16 min ago A guide to popular WallStreetBets terms Users on the Reddit board refer to themselves as degenerates, and they often speak in memd well as shorthand phrases, often borrowed from other internet subcultures. Here's a glossary oI some of the most popular terms. YOLO You Only Live Once When someone risks their entire portfolio on a single stock or options trade. Stonks  Stocks, as in shares of a company, but misspelled on purpose, often when commenting on a financial loss. Tendies Gains or profits that are made on an investment. This word is borrowed from 4chan culture, where it refers to chicken tenders demanded by an imagined 20 something man living at home with his mother . Diamond hands When a trader is prepared

Falonah falonah what is it about rain that makes worms go absolutely buck wild for pavement worm no longer can i suffer the constriction, both of flesh and soul, of living in the tunnels of underground, for i now long only to be free under the skies of the Saints. earth may have birthed me but the sun is my mother me, holding a slurpee, plucking worms off the sidewalk and tossing them into the grass go home brian the sun gon kill u memes

Home  World News  WHO warns pregnant women NOT to take Moderna Covid 19 vaccine 26 Jan, 2021  Updated 7 hours ago Moderna Suspense uscular Use ec The World Health Organization is warning pregnant women to avoid the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine. Photo Shut the everliving motherfucking fucking FUCK up, Karen. Shut it. Shut your fucking Karen mouth and wearing a fucking mask.  Shut the everliving motherfucking fucking FUCK up, Karen. Shut it. Shut your fucking Karen mouth and wearing a fucking mask meme

Name Suvia Vulluk Age 32 Height 6'0 Weight 186 lbs Race Mandalorian Hair Eyes Occupation Bounty Hunter Personality Backstory Raised on Mandalore and trained under her village's elder, Thanor Sorn, Vulluk had become a formidable hunter. And once she was of age, she left Mandalore in search of work and any way to make a living. With the Empire seemingly extinguished, Mandalore was given time to recover from what they had lost to both the Sith and Jedi Orders. With no one to fight, she wouldn't have been doing the most that she could if she had stayed. So with a heavy heart, she left her home planet and has been jumping from planet to planet in search of work, food, drink, and rest. Hopeful that the Empire stays dead, and that she can provide for those back on Mandalore who are still recoveri

PERCENT OF CHILDREN LIVING IN SINGLE PARENT FAMILES IN AMERICA 2010 Hichest Percentages Florida 39% 46% 33% 30% 19% Arkansas 39% Alabama 40% New Mexico 42% South Carolina 42% Louisiana 45% Mississippi 46% I calculation Definitions Children under age 18 who live with their own single parent either in a family or subfamily. In this definition, single parent families may include cohabiting couples and do not include children living with married stepparents. Children who live in group quarters for example, institutions, dormitories, or group homes are not included in this calculation meme

Our cat was missing for two whole months, and we were extremely heartbroken. We raised her since she was 2 weeks old, and she had never been out of our yard, so we were petrified, if she got hit by a car, killed by some animal, starved to death, etc. The day she came back was the day we all happily Nacho Man 29 2 and cried. I was in our patio, and there she was, meowing loudly. I freaked out, and slid that door open. She was thin, dirty, and meowing. I instantly yelled out to everyone that she came home. We instantly gave her food and water, and it hurt when she was calling out, out of habit. She was trying to Nacho Man Dig the food into hole, but it was in our living room. Everytime she called out, we made sure to answer. She's better now, and back to normal. I mean, the survival habits s

Saw this Japanese mom's amazing cooking and sent it to my mom, asked her if she could make one for me. I was just joking since I'm no longer a kid and living in another continent now. Two hours later she replied with this pic and told me she will be practicing and cook for me when I go back home af Thi is her first try meme

Austintexas gov What is the City's Living MENU Wage Home  What is the City's Living Wage  For Regular Employees $15.00 per hour, effective September 2018. For Temporary Employees $15.00 per hour, effective February 2019. These are the result of a City Council decision to increase the Living Wage for the City of Austin. This wage applies to regular and temporary city employees. The federal minimum wage increased to $7.25 per hour, effective July 24, 2009. For more information, please refer to the Department of Labor's Wage and Overtime Pay web page. Stay mad cuck  Stay mad cuck memes