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Know what a low information voter is, anyone who gets all their news from one source or keeps themselves in an echo chamber. Oh and if you think thats too much work youre probably proving my point. Makes me sick how lefties will keep advocating censorship and deplatforming and then act shocked that the right has to come out en masse to protest Gang Bottom Text stay risen memes
Travis View travis view  Imagine how bonkers online conspiracy theorists would be if someone besides a Trump admin official had his pizza preference redacted in documents. Josh Lederman  Jos Looking through heavily redacted State Dept emails we obtained through FOIA involving Susan Pompeo. Among the items the government redacted, citing privacy Mike Pompeo's preferred pizza toppings 2 For the informal dinner on October 1, would be interested in pizza cooked on Villa Taverna's pizza oven Alternatively, any of the attached dinner options would also work well. ALSO Mrs Eisenberg can give wine in the Villa's catacombs if interested. a for the 10 dinner sure. Assume it's the thin crust weed ed pizza and are you asking for what kind of pizza we'd like Mike ms need more information 330 it, memes