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Donnie with the Tool I called my mom out on her Homophobia last night. We got into a huge argument now she thinks I'm gay. Literally every time I've called somebody out on their homophobia, they ask me am I gay. You do not have to be apart of the community to call out bigotry. That's y'all problem now 6.40 AM  12 May 18 memes
Anonymous Thu No.844861756 be me extremely constipated tried everything in huge amount of pain and desperate for relief 5 KB JPG have great idea go to petco and get a gerbil brief him on his mission operation declog is ago send the little fella into the cavernous deeps godspeednibbles.bmp a couple hours go by and i dont feel him getting worried mfw currently at petco to get a rescue gerbil Hold on nibbles help is on the way memes
Alright team, we need some ideas for Resident Evil 8 Tall vampire lady with huge boobs How about we stop with the fan My Chemical Romance Fans service and bring back the survival horror aspect that Resident Evil was originally known for back when it was, first released memes
Until the outbreak of between twenty and sixty new American titles hit German theaters every year Haggehimself was a huge fan of Merian C. Cooper's 1933 film King Kong. Sep 10, 2013 eectamagsser cuiturefites  hol Hollywood's Love Affair with ermany 4 Strange Facts About Huge L for the Godzilla lovers  Huge L for the Godzilla lovers memes
Daydreaming Actually about terraforming terraforming I realize this is an animal crossing meme but as an astrophysicist was really excited for a second that someone was finally seeing the light on how fricking difficult and a huge waste of time it would be to try to terraform Mars kaijuno baphomet is a trans lesbian
JackPosobiec What they're really mad about Daily Caller DailyCaller Former Facebook insider Alex Stamos tells brianstelter We have to turn down the capability of these Conservative influencerg to reach these huge audiences There are people on YouTube for example that have a larger audience than daytime memes