Humanity meme

RacistFestiveS King kong represents humanity, who made humanity God created humanity, who was the creature that drove humanity to commit the first sin The devil disgused as a snake or in broader terms, a reptile. Lizards are also reptiles, who else is a reptile godzilla Choosing team godzilla is going against God and Humanity to side with the devil The King Kong Klan will turn what you believe in against you in order to have the upper hand they bend the truth to fit their evil agenda. Many Such Cases  Many Such Cases memes
Humanity has entered an era demanding unprecedented transformation What will be your nation's journey Humanity's sweet spot Germany  Netherlands o Austria Denmark  Australia sapan Mo  France  Canada 84 Spain Thailand Brazil  6  Viet Nam China italy Mexico 5 Jordan Ve Jordan Sri Lanka Colombia Ecuador 24 B'desh Pakistan Egypt Turkey Bolivia  South Africa India Lesotho Swaziland Ghritipping 3 4 5 6 7 Biophysical Boundaries Transgressed memes
Freedom I would make freedom free. I believe that no one person should tell you haw to live and that they should not limit to what you can say, do, or act. Almost of all humanity there is always someone in power that gives the people their freedom and that is how it has been for the past thousands of years, but freedom should be free not something someone could give some one else. I'm not saying that there shouldn't be order in a nation I just want people to be able to act and express their thoughts without people threatening them for it. A man or women should also have rights to protects themselves w weapons it is their choi so no one should interfere  had to do aa quick write for English and I guess this would be one of the places where people not a writer tho  I had to do a a quick writ