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Ile Kevin C. Cucumber jpg 29 KB, 218x480 Anonymous No.776383917 Be me Professional trad wrangler Work potato school Most tards dont speak in an audible language They prefer screeching Reee Wav Wrangling my favorite of the tards, because ike we will call him Chad KoolKid jpeg Probably doing math made for kindergardners, he is high school freshmen Chad had been student of month for every month had worked with him Wile they were doing math I thought it would be a good idea to look up across the class room Fellow tard wrangler was slacking off lazybitch. PNG insert other tard in the class, to protect the not so innocent he shall be referred to as Big Dick Lary His dick literally looks like Larry from veggie tales Back ground on Big Dick Larry This nigga couldnt control his bladder save his lif
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A deaf kid has joined my cousin's elementary school and this is what found on my cousin's search history today, truely wholesome  how i can fuck a dog i fucked a dog how i can learn sign language x what else can you fuck except dogs can you pregnant a goat x meme
Keri Beri Kercinogen Why is baked pronounced baked but naked isnt pronounced naked Gugulethu Because, as someone said, English is not a language, it's three languages wearing a trench coat pretending to be one. Most Relevant Charlie Short pretty bold of you to say that since you got named after the sound a plunger makes memes